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We are now a club called "Mopar Strong" on our FB page. Me (Jonathan Moss) & Daniel are co-presidents. We will have decals & shirts soon. Every gtg that me & Daniel start on our Mopar Strong FB group page will be hosted by Mopar Strong. Since we are hosting, it's not just only Mopar Strong allowed. Any clubs & forums are welcome to come to our gtgs. You don't have to be a club member to come & you can be a part of more than one club. If you want to be a part of our club or support us, we will have decals & shirts very soon. We have no fees & no thick bylaw book. Just a few very simple rules that I will update very soon. Like me & Daniel have being doing for almost 4 years now, we plan to have a main Mopar Strong hosted gtg every 2-3 months. In between those main gtgs we will have mini gtgs such as meeting at the dragstrip, car shows, other cruise ins, etc. Now you can search "Mopar Strong" on Facebook and our group will pop up & you can ask to join if you want to & I'll accept it. Just wanted everyone to be more clear on who we are.

There's more info on the Facebook group page:

Sign Up list:
1- JonRoc (Jonathan M.)[Dodge Ram]
2- Ben W. [Dodge Ram] (Maybe)
3- Nikolai H.
4- Glenn A. (Maybe)
5- Gerry W. (Maybe)
6- Briana W. (Maybe)
7- Megan A. (Maybe)
8- Chris L. (Maybe)
9- Daniel F. [Dodge Ram]
10- Todd D. (Maybe)
11- Steve G.
12- Kyle G. (Maybe)
13- Sean G.
14- Jayson S. (Maybe)
15- Chris G. (Maybe)
16- Duane & Treena [Ram 1500]
17- Mopar Junkie (Maybe)
18- Dark Lord White [Charger RT] (Maybe)
19- Michael O. (Maybe)
20- Douglas B.
21- BottleFed11/Dave [Dodge Challenger SRT8]
22- PB 1971
23- Kimberly S.
24- Eric R. (Maybe)
25- Ben and Lisa K. [Dodge Challenger R/T]
26- nickman969
27- Chris H. (Maybe)
28- Tim J. (Maybe)
29- Janken S. (Maybe)
30- MJG323
31- Richard T. (Maybe)
32- JL Godfrey
33- James C. (Maybe)
34- Everett B. [Dodge Charger R/T]
35- Nick S.
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