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Dodge Avenger Gas Mileage

What gas mileage are you getting in your Dodge Avenger? I was able to get 20 MPG in a 2008 Dodge Avenger 2.4L 4 CYL, Automatic transmission. The Dodge Avenger MPG is suppose to be good for it's class. A couple other Avenger owners I spoke to were able to get 23-25 MPG on their 2008-2009 Avenger's and about 30 on the highway.

State your MPG's, include as much detail as you can when posting.

Feel free to discuss anything related in this thread, even fuel saving tips if you have any.
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your year avenger is rated at:

21 MPG City
30 MPG Highway

24 MPG Combined

fuel economy of a Avenger isn't the best, your getting just about the right miles per gallon...

what is your driving style like cause that has a lot to do with your gas mileage

people claiming 23-25 MPG must be hypermiling like crazyy
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We get a consistant 22-26 mpg with our 08. and thats doing considerable amount of travel in the mts of VT and NY. and the Blue Ridge Parkway. One thing I learned as a professional driver in NY. is drive gently.
People tend to accelerate briskly just because they can.--SUCKS FUEL!!!!
People tend to drive briskly up to a stop sign or light and hit the breaks hard. WASTES MOMENTUM AND EATS BRAKES NEEDLESSLY. [[there is two ways to slow a car. Hit the breaks hard or take your foot of the GO-PEDAL early]] Anticipate lights and stop signs. SAVES FUEL!!!
On the t-ways and interstates, people tend to PASS then slow down, PASS then slow down.... etc...etc.. I found as a pro. driver on the NY t-way. that wen its posted at 65, I do 70 then STAY THERE. Be consistant!! SAVES FUEL!!! Less STRESS!!
On Rong Island, in dense traffic, I drive ONE MPH SLOWER than everyone else, and that always leaves a clear space in front to watch all the others do STUPID, DANGEROUS crap. Be consistant!! SAVES FUEL!!! Possibly saves lives. Makes travel a lot less stressful.
Besides, are we all really in that much of a hurry???

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i've only had mine just over a month, but i get around 28 on the highway where i do close to 90% of my driving. thats the 3.6L V6 Pentastar

-Jerry | 2012 Avenger R/T | 2010 Charger R/T
2001 Neon R/T | 2000 Dakota R/T (both traded, neither forgotten)
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Great one , so many to tell about it but its fine to discover it
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2012 avenger with 500 miles on it

23 mpg city
33 mpg hwy

average is 26.7 mpg
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2012...SXT Plus....3.6.....Hiway 33MPG.....City 23MPG....Avg 26.5....14500 miles
Love this car!!!!
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2012 R/T, got it one week ago.
so far 28 going to work and back. 31.7 avg on a trip Friday.
was 33, but had to play a little about 20 miles from home.
ONLY got it to 102 passing a car....

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got a 2012 rt as is by far the best car I have had when gas mileage is concerned...
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2010 2.4L no mods in white gold. In recent trip from Florida to New York (Buffalo) and back via Washington DC I averaged 32 mpg on the interstates. I get 28 mpg commuting 40 miles round trip at average of 50 mph
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