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Loud Clicking / Knocking Sound a/c air conditioning

Hey Everyone,

Hope you can help.

I'm finding a loud clicking sound happening when I turn my a/c on. It behind the center dash but can loudly be heard from outside too. When I turn the a/c on, the clicking starts and can last anywhere between 5 and 60 seconds.

It stops when the air transfers my from feet, to the main center air vents; so I'm guessing it's something with the circulation door motor not stopping?

It can also sound after I've used the a/c and switched her off. I can find her clicking away several minutes after getting out and going inside the house - letting everyone in the neighborhood know I got in late lol.

Any ideas on where to start problem solving this?
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Howdy CraigDodge

I had the same problem. It is the blend air actuator, sometimes called the blend door actuator. Depending on your car's climate control you will have one or two of these. If you have dual climate control you will have two, otherwise just one. It is an easy fix. Remove the glove box and take a look inside. Cars with two controls will have an actuator on either side of the glove box compartment. My car has two. The way I found the defective unit was by starting the car and turning on the a/c. The defective unit will be easy to identify by the loud clicking. Now comes the fun part. I found it best to slide the seat all the way back, recline the seat back all the way down and lay down on my back looking up into the glove box compartment. It also helps to have a headlamp you strap to your head. The only tool needed to remove the actuator is a stubby phillips screwdriver. The actuator near the center of the dash has three screws, and the actuator on the right has two. They are difficult to see but you can feel them easy enough. Unscrew the unit and pull it straight out then disconnect the wiring harness. I noticed the actuator housing was two pieces held together by plastic tabs. I unsnapped the tabs, which is a bit delicate if you don't want to break one. All that was wrong was a broken spindle for the middle gear. I drilled a hole where the spindle used to be, and another where it seated in the top half of the housing. I popped down to the local big box home improvement store and picked up a packet of #6-32 x 1.25 screws with nuts, about $1.24 for a packet of ten. Ran the screw through the hole I drilled in the bottom of the housing, slipped the gear over the screw, then snapped the top of the housing unit back on, being sure the screw poked through the new hole in the top half of the housing. The screw sticks out just enough to get a good bite on the nut. Hand tightening is good enough. I then plugged the wiring harness in and started the car and a/c to check my work. Fortunately it worked perfectly. To reinstall the unit, notice the black spindle has a special fin arrangement that only fits one way. Once again laying on my back with my headlight, I finagled the blend door until the unit seated. Make sure the tabs on the door unit fit into the cross slotted holes in the actuator. Feel around for where the screws go, insert and tighten. While still on your back reach up, start the car and turn on the a/c. You can see the blend door opening and closing. Put the glove box back in and pat yourself on the back. I read either in this or another forum where someone said the dealer quoted them $1500 to do this repair because they had to rip the dash out. A new part cost $20. Total cost of parts for my repair was 12.4 cents. Total time, about an hour. I hope you can make sense of my explanation. Happy repairs!
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I have this same issue and I will look into the fix you have described. You detailed the fix completely so I look forward to attempting it...or botching it. Ha! Probably the latter but I will give it a try because the sound is annoying. Thanks!
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Have you tried contacting an ac repair expert for that sound issue?
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